IT English Meetup #1 @ iQSpace, Odessa [28 сентября]

IT English Meetup #1

19:00 - 21:00

 Страница мероприятия
Жуковского 9, Одесса
We are happy to announce the very first IT English Meetup in Odessa!
We are IT English enthusiasts and are excited to share our passion for English with everyone!
This meetup is intended to provide an opportunity for practicing English in a relaxed environment. We will bring together English teachers and IT professionals to provide exciting activities and share their knowledge of IT English. All skill levels are welcome!

➡️ What can you expect?

It's English ONLY event so be ready to speak and listen in English :)
English For IT. Курсы английского для IT-специалистов team will give a short presentation on what IT English is and share some cool tips on what you should do to improve your English For IT. We won't tell you what the internet pages say instead we will share our experience with you.

➡️ Who can join?

Anyone who works or would like or planning to work in IT is welcome! It's totally free for you :)

➡️ Event Outline

Part 1.
A short talk by Anna Gandrabura and Ekaterina Kryvtsova on «What is IT English and how to handle IT?»

Part 2.
Mingling! Take a sip of homemade Ale and socialize in English!

Let's get the meetup culture started!

😇 FREE admission.
✔️ Registration is REQUIRED

We give a shout-out to our partners iQSpace for providing the comfy space and Три черпака & Цех for the ale!
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