Strategic Thinking. Two-day workshop @ iQSpace, Odessa [с 9 по 10 декабря]

Strategic Thinking. Two-day workshop

9 - 10
09:00 - 17:00

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Жуковского 9, Одесса
Today, many managers do not have enough time to devote to developing and executing business development strategies. As a result, the organizations are losing their long-term competitive advantages while focusing only on the urgent operational issues. Another common issue is the lack of time, tools and resources to execute the strategies.

Strategic thinking is the first step towards gaining better positions on the market and achieving sustainable business results (profit). Balanced scorecard (BSC) as a strategic planning and performance management methodology supports an organization to translate its vision and strategy into measurable business objectives, to effectively align its structures to the strategy and to continuously measure performance against strategic objectives. As a result, the organization is able to achieve better results over the long run and continuously improve its business.

This two-day workshop covers effective strategic thinking techniques based on the classical perspectives of BSC, developed by Kaplan and Norton, and also discusses the strategy development in different organizations taking into account the best practices in the area such as Palladium Execution Premium Process™ (XPP), Niven’s Step by Step approach and the Balanced IT Scorecard (BITS) method developed by ESI.

The workshop is based on practical examples of strategy development in ICT intensive organizations.

Participants will be able to gain knowledge and skills how to formulate an effective strategy, what are the key principles of strategy translation into operational terms and how to measure and analyze the strategy success during the implementation process.
The instructor will demonstrate a BSC implementation roadmap and discuss the resources, time and commitment needed for the implementation of a BSC.

Who should attend:
Managers and experts involved in the formulation, execution and/or measurement of the results of the strategy of an organization.

Instructor: Ivaylo Gueorguiev, Kaplan – Norton Balanced Scorecard Graduate, Palladium Group –USA, Program Manager, European Software Institute CEE.
Language: English – no translation will be provided.

Early bird: 800 uah
Late bird: 1000 uah


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