Code and Coffee Odessa @ iQSpace, Odessa [с 9 по 30 января]

Code and Coffee Odessa

9 - 30
18:00 - 21:00

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Жуковского 9, Одесса
What is Code&Coffee?

Do you want to carve out some creative code time where you can work on your projects without anybody looking over your shoulder or wondering when you'll be finished with that feature? Or maybe there's a language or technology that you've really wanted to try but haven't found the time to do it!

Do yourself a favor and come out to Code & Coffee where you can sit down and code to your heart's content on whatever project you bring! Whatever the language and level, bring a laptop and show up.

The Code & Coffee Manifesto

A statement on beliefs and community values

We commit to nurturing ourselves and each other. Through experience, we have found that being open, empathetic and experimental leads to growth for yourself and others. Simply put, well-being is the foundation of all good experience. You are more than just a programmer: you are not your code, your commit history, or your résumé.

With these ideals in mind, take risks! Succeed. Fail. Ask for help. Get encouragement. Redesign. Be humbled. Toy with new concepts. Enjoy what you do and be gentle with yourself. Gentleness and kindness are strengths! Take pride in showing them.

Find growth. Build things that you find meaningful. Importantly, cultivate a variety of interests. They will craft you in surprising ways.

Follow your passions, and discover new ones. This is why we are here. This attitude is in all that we do.

~ Code & Coffee Odessa

☕ Place: iQSpace, Zhukovskogo str., 9
☕ Date: Every Tuesday, 18:00-20:00
☕ Free admission! Just take cookies!
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