III international festival of somatic and tantra practice Enjoy! @ Odessa, Ukraine, Одесса [с 24 по 30 июня]

III international festival of somatic and tantra practice Enjoy!

24 - 30
07:00 - 18:00

 Страница мероприятия
Odessa, Ukraine
Dear Friend!
You are invited to the new festival of body and tantra practice Enjoy! on June 24-30
It is the new one of TELO-Mania Project that will now be held in Ukraine!
We will bring the best Tantra, Yoga and Massage teachers for you to the beautiful seaside spot at the Odessa outskirts.
The festival theme will be “TELO-Mafia” as we get body practices masters from Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Spain and India in the same space.
You will learn new body practices trends popular in different countries, enjoy professional presentations and practice with a like-minded people. You will enjoy your seaside holiday too!
Our headliners:
— Leo Kogorodsky (Tantra-Healing, Israel)
— Nataraj Garcia (Biodanza, Spain-Goa)
— Al...ex Shelyakov (Tantra, Kundalini-Yoga, Masculine Practices, Moscow)
— Daria Gablia (Tantric and Body Practices, Sexology, Moscow)
— Natalie Eremenko (Tantric and Body Practices, Kiev)
— Other presenters in our space who will be announced later.
In festival schedule:
— Morning yoga classes and nediatation
— Day-time body-work, massage and yoga therapy workshops
— Night-time Biodanza master-classes, music sessions, Tantra-Dance.
— Beach-side master classes both on the beach and in water, Holy Festival.
You can register now!
Early bird bookings:
Before 31 of March 2018- $100
Before 15 of April 2018- $120
Before 30 of April 2018- $130
Before 15 of May 2018- $140
Before 31 of May 2018- $150
Before 6pm 22 of June 2018- $160
The full price at the door- $180
Accommodation and food are not included and paid separately. Approximate price is $150 for 1 week or higher for more comfortable contitions.
If you are talented photographer, videographer, camera-man, social networks administrator, designer, masseuse, beauty or hair stylist feel free to offer your services in exchange for festival admission. Please note you will need to contribute before the festival starts. Contact via WhattsApp, Viber on +38 067 791 92 82.
If you are musician, fire-show artist or DJ please come forward- we’ll love to invite you and perform at the festival. Contact via WhattsApp, Viber on +38 067 791 92 82.
If you like to present at the festival as a practices master, please send you CV to [email protected]
If you’d like to participate as a volunteer- calling people, help with mail distribution, run social network campaign, please contact via WhattsApp on +38 063 412 75 05
Detailed festival schedule coming soon! It is a matter of few days only- watch this space!
Add to Telegram channel for getting our news t.me/telomaniagoa
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